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Indulge your loved one with a delightful mini dessert box packed with their favorite treats and other irresistible goodies! Each box includes 2 specially crafted Valentine's cocktails, a Valentine's card, and a surprise gift. Secure yours by pre-ordering today and enjoy exclusive savings!


valentines gift dessert box special

  • That's my Strawberry Shortie Right there!

    Experience love at first bite. Meet our strawberry soulmate! Dive into layers of freshly made strawberry sauce, creamy homemade whipped creamcheese mousse, succulent strawberries, and our signature strawberry vanilla cookie crumble.
  • Twisted Banana's & Crazy in Love

    If you think I'm crazy about bananas, just wait until you try this mind-blowing banana pudding. It's filled with layers of whipped vanilla custard, caramelized brown sugar bananas, and our irresistible mixed cookie crunch. Get ready for a taste sensation like no other!
  • O'reo, I'm in Love with Brownie & Cheesecake

    Get ready for a mouthwatering treat - Oreo cookies meet a light and fluffy Oreo cheesecake, crowned with a scrumptiously moist and fudgy choclately chunk Oreo brownie!
  • Sweet Vanilla Cakes & Creamy Milkshakes

    Ignite your taste buds with the exquisite flavors of vanilla bean mousse, soft and moist vanilla cake, and a rich caramel drizzle and cherry on top that will transport you to dessert paradise.
  • Ginny Pie, She's the Apple of my Eye

    When it comes to a delightful treat infused with love, nothing quite compares to the nostalgic embrace of a grandmother's affection and a delectable apple brown betty. Our rendition of this classic dessert elevates the traditional recipe by incorporating layers of moist vanilla cake, slow-cooked caramelized apples, and a luscious homemade applesauce. Topping it all off is a velvety whipped cinnamon and sugar mixture, complemented by a delightful crunch of cinnamon apple cookies.
  • I want S'more Please

    No campfire? Don't fret! These convenient s'mores are crafted to satisfy your cravings on the move, providing that beloved creamy, sweet marshmallow experience from a classic s'more.
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  • Chocolates my Addiction, and that's my Truth

    Experience the magic of all things chocolate. Discover a luscious chocolate cake, velvety smooth chocolate cream, an artisanal chocolate syrup made from scratch, and a tantalizing fudge cookie crunch crowned with whipped chocolate ganache.
  • Is that Red Velvet or White Glove Service

    Indulge in the exquisite elegance of a red velvet cake complemented by a heavenly white chocolate drizzle, a velvety and sweet cream cheese ganache, and a delightful hint of fresh strawberry.
  • Salted Caramel Dayz & Pretzel Nites

    Get ready to have your taste buds tickled with our salted caramel creamy whipped mousse! This delightful concoction is paired with the perfect combination of caramel cookie and pretzel crunch. Hand crafted with love and topped off with our irresistible salted caramel syrup.
  • Kiss my Sweet Potato, you Cheesecake

    Immerse yourself in the divine flavors of our sweet and cinnamony sweet potato pie. This heavenly creation features layers of creamy and rich cinnamon and sugar cheesecake, embraced by our signature buttery and sweet flaky crust. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting aroma and indulgent taste of this extraordinary dessert.
  • Biscotti better have my C.R.E.A.M.

    Prepare yourself for a luxurious experience as you take flight with this heavenly delight. Discover the enchanting layers of biscotti cookie crunch intertwined with a creamy and dreamy, light and airy cookie butter mousse.
  • That Peanut Butter turns my cup to Pieces

    Are you a fan of peanut butter, or is it just me? Every time I catch a whiff of the alluring aroma of a delectable peanut butter sauce drizzled over this airy, heavenly peanut butter whipped cream, blended with irresistible peanut butter cookie crumbles and a mix that dreams are made of for Reese's lovers, I find myself completely captivated. It's like having a taste of pure peanut butter bliss in a cup.
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