Our SIMDB Story

How it started~ 

Sweet Indulgence Mini Dessert Bar instantly became a sought after product from the initial launch in 2012 at a small local vending event held by friends. It was originally established out of necessity after loosing my job suddenly, but quickly became the very essence of who I am. With very limited resources, little to no experience, and a vision to make this work, I grew my little idea while sitting on the couch, into a notable name amongst locals and my extended community. With just word of mouth marketing, I received referrals for business opportunities throughout Maryland, Virginia, & DC. I also provided dessert services in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

How it's going~

In 2023, the SIMDB brand made a strong comeback after popular demand.

At the current 10 year mark, we are an established business going through a relaunch, rebranding and growth phase with projections to move into a full-time brick & mortar operation in 2023.

Where are we headed~

Sweet Indulgence Mini Dessert Bar is destined to become a household name across the nation. I am going to build my dessert empire, one sweet cup at a time.

Stay Sweet,  Nikia