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Welcome to your favorite dessert experience.

SIMDB is an online dessert shop. We serve sweet and delectable miniature sized desserts for dessert bar/open cup setup and display; retail purchase by the dozen (1/2 dz. minimum); Shipping, fundraising, local delivery and dessert bar catering options available.

Our desserts are freshly made, delicious, perfectly stylish, and an excellent choice for those who like to party! These treats are perfect for entertaining, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, girls nights, boutique fashionistas, wine lovers, candle light lovers, me-time treats, self-care indulgers and those with a sweet tooth but watching that waist line too!

At Sweet Indulgence Mini Dessert Bar (SIMDB) You can always "Be Dessert Chic" because flavor and class are always in style!"

Stay Sweet,

Nikia - Owner

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What does it mean to be dessert chic?

Dessert chic means being your truly authentic self. A little bit sassy a little bit sweet, daring, bold, cute and petite, what ever your flavor is… embrace it, love it, hold on to it and be dessert chic.  

Dessert chic is having a humble heart and passion for others.

Dessert chic is being more concerned about your impact, and not just your income.

Dessert chic is putting you and your family first.  

Dessert chic is finding joy in all the little things in life.  

Dessert Chic is believing that YOU are the best version of you there will ever be.

Dessert chic is being true to yourself andunapologeticly sweet.

Dessert chic is..... ____________(you fill in the blank :))